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House Goal’s 11 Main Areas of Development and Research in Designing and Planning Dream Homes

1. Budget

We all want the Pinterest home; however, Pinterest is the best of everything. Every QS will tell you to focus on the big ticket items. I disagree. With clever planning and mindful spending every area of your home can be Pinterest worthy. In the masterclass you will learn how to budget correctly, shop wisely and spend appropriately.

2. Practicalities

In this we look at the practicalities and logistical / slightly boring admin bits you need to do before you start to design your dream home. We look at admin, planning, utilities and behind a laptop screen headache tasks that every home maker has to do to make their dream build, their reality.

3. Site

We will make sure you optimise your site and what it offers to optimise home life quality. We look at the sun path, positioning and layout of rooms to maximise views / light and solar gain. We will look at site layout and positioning of a build along with the driveway and general bits that nobody tells you about when you start to design and build your home. There are some great points in this section that you would never think about until it’s too late.

4. Construction Details

Fourthly we consider basic house construction / design details. ‘Working drawings’ is the new kid on the ‘fees’ block, but House Goals wants to try save you on some of these fees so you can spend money on those dream interiors you want instead. House Goals also considers building materials, going direct labour, working with a builder, managing trades and working to time lines in this area.

5. Use of Space and Function

We look at functional spaces / layout. Space is money. Using space wisely and efficiently can transform a home. Not only does an efficient home make life way easier for the home owners, it looks well and thought through. This is a vital area of thought and research and every piece of advice is worth considering early on.


The KDL is the most used space in a home. People and families use this space differently. It is generally the biggest spend in a home so it needs to be mindfully approached and every millimetre thought through, so its efficiency needs to pack a punch. Spending time planning this space really well is time very well invested.  We look at kitchen layout, materials and style, use of natural light, larders and pantry use, appliances, table size and position, maximising views and picking furniture and fittings in the overall space functionality.


We will have a look at bathrooms / en suites and first fix / second fix plumbing. Bathrooms and ensuites are a massive expense. In this masterclass I will challenge this and prepare you to work with a budget and still get the Pinterest bathroom you’ve dreamed about. I will prepare you so that you won’t have to make any rushed decisions when the builder / plumber is shouting for answers, costing you unnecessary stress, time, money and not getting the results you want.


Electrical plans have been the cause of a lot of raised blood pressure in building journeys. With or without a builder you will need to do your electrical plan. House Goals want to give you all the knowledge to go forth and create the most stunning lighting plans and electrical layout details. These will be so well considered, everyone will presume you worked with the best lighting designer money can buy. Niamh and Mark love their lighting plan so much, they often prefer their home at night light rather than in day light, especially in winter when the days are grey and nights are long. The balance of ambient and task lighting with very clever tricks and details offers a stunning home atmosphere at night-time. Your home should ooze first class home design and planning, but home owners are not super human and having everything organised, styled and functional, in budget with all details covered is very unrealistic. House Goals really wants to help home owners through these difficult times.


House Goals will make sure you are prepared to design a master bedroom every 5-star hotel in Ireland would be envious of. Layout, space, views, and key features will be discussed. Often a bedroom can be overlooked as being ‘simple’ to design. Any bedroom that gets the House Goals effect will have the potential to be spectacular, not just a bed in a room where we go to sleep, but a haven away from the stresses and strains of daily life to rest and recharge our energy and senses. Walk in wardrobes are amazing, but unlike Pinterest images, our wardrobes are not display cabinets, wardrobe space needs to be practical. With the House Goals effect they can also be stunning so that everyone will be envious of your wiw space the moment they step foot in it, and remember the budget is what you make it, you don’t have to lack style, if there is a lack in budget.


Future proofing your forever home isn’t just about construction details, there is a lot to consider in future proofing family life. Should there be a loss of mobility in our older age, what do you need to allow for? Also important is to consider value for money. Future proofing is about being more economically efficient. There’s not much point building a home if it doesn’t last the test of time, just because the details are all recycled. Future Proofing in a build is creating an easy adaptable space. Its forward thinking and planning. It makes sense but is often overlooked in a build. Overheating, energy use, use of space and the small details that make our homes last the test of time will be addressed.


A home needs to flow. It needs to be stunning but functional. It needs to be easy keep, keeping the needs of its owners at the forefront. It needs to be creative but timeless. After COVID lockdowns the importance of bringing the outside in is more important than ever. Our homes are the greatest reflection of ourselves and the interiors no matter how big or small the budget is, need to pack a punch. House Goals will go through your style, vision, trends and styling of your dream home.

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