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Introducing House Goals


Introducing Niamh at House Goals

Niamh O’Donovan: designer, stylist, builder and owner of Passive Build, one of Ireland’s few certified passive builds.

Niamh is based in Dungarvan, County Waterford and has a passion and flair for interiors and building design.

Having finished building own home, she is now providing an invaluable service to all of you: house building, renovating, extending, or updating interiors.

With extensive experience, Niamh has a wealth of knowledge and loves nothing more than to help people achieve their House Goals!

“Creating a home in the 21st century is tough, it’s scary, I know, I’ve been there, there’s so much to consider, there’s construction details, interior design, bringing the outside in and future proofing, making homes healthier and allowing them to work more efficiently. In home design, the bar is always being raised. House Goals, wants to ensure that your dream build becomes your reality, you stay on budget and you get bang for your buck. House Goals aims to take the stress out of building, have someone to bounce ideas with throughout the build, ensure you don’t miss any aspect that could be a headache down the line. I want this service to save a client money rather than cost them money. With building costs soaring, now is the time to build clever, this service / resource will help you do that. I hope to have consultations over zoom calls or 1 to 1’s or if clients would rather just sign up for a master class or join a master class group, I hope to offer as much support and advice as I can for all budgets through I cannot emphasise enough how the time and research that you put into your build, will pay off when the time comes. People that visit a home that has thought and love put into it, can see and feel it straight away. I want to funnel all my research and concentrate it according to your needs while still keeping researching the sector myself to save my clients time, energy and money, at this crazy stage in their life.”

Niamh at House Goals


  • 31/07/2021

    Fiona O Riordan

    Super website Niamh. Wishing you the best in this exciting venture.

    • 31/07/2021


      Thanks so much fiona. Cannot wait to start working with people.