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House Goals, Dream Build Reality is the new business venture of Niamh O’Donovan, designer, stylist, builder and owner of Passive Build, one of Ireland’s newest self-build projects and also one of Ireland’s few certified passive builds. Niamh is based in Dungarvan, County Waterford. Niamh has always had a passion and flair for interiors and building design. After finishing her own home, she now has the confidence to branch out into the business she loves.

Niamh’s home is a modern, upside-down, 2-storey build. The interior is inspired by the Irish countryside, with moss art on the walls and a colour palette and vision drawn from the local woodland walks and her uninterrupted views of the Knockmealdown and Comeragh mountains.

Niamh has a passion for all styles of interiors and hopes to work with clients to ease the stress of a home project with her transferable skills and knowledge to all aspects of a project. As stated by some of her followers on Instagram, Niamh’s personality is what makes her so approachable, something Niamh values above everything. Expect to see Niamh’s gorgeous home in many magazines in the future.

What people say

As a new self builder of our forever timberframe home in the Midlands, I am so grateful for the time you so generously gave me to support & answer my often rookie & ridiculous questions. Passive Build (Mark & Niamh) have inspired us in so many aspects including kitchen design, functional lighting, flooring & paint tips! I have no doubt that your patience, expertise & impeccable eye for design will be a winning combination.

Sinead Neilan

I’ve loved following Niamh’s build. It’s so refreshing to see a passive self-build that hasn’t compromised on design. It’s an absolute joy to ‘check in ‘ on her feed every day


I just want to say I found all Niamh's content so handy. Anything she shares or gets is well researches and always gives so much info. I am thankful to Niamh for all the research she has done into products and she is always so willing to help anyone out. Thanks niamh.


So when I set up my house account back in October20 “home on golden avenue” one of the first accounts I followed was “passive build”. All my friends & family would agree with me it’s a house account I rave on about a lot!! It is clear that Niamh & Mark have put absolutely everything into their dream home & that is clearly visible in every inch of their house from ground floor to 1st floor, interior design to exterior design. James & I would often talk about the amount of work that Mark did…. There is nothing he doesn’t know how to do on a self build journey! Niamh is so good to come onto stories no matter how early in the morning or late in the evening to talk through any Q’s a follower may have. Mark & Niamh’s passion for their home is something to admire & their knowledge on every step of a self build! We have learnt so much along the way. Mark & Niamh’s passion for their home is something we admire and their knowledge every step of the way. We have learnt so much & continue to do so. Well done N&M-passive_build!


Niamh was one of the first home accounts that drew my attention when we started out on our build journey. Her passion was evident throughout, as she shared the numerous facets involved in creating & building your own home. Her positive, approachable nature shines through her account.


Niamh has been so open and honest from start to finish with their self build journey. So much invaluable advice to be found on her page.

Niamh and Mark have been the ultimate dream team when it comes to their new build. The time and effort they have spent ensuring they have everything perfect for their new home has been amazing and then to follow it all up by sharing it with their followers has been nothing short of amazing. Their attention to detail and the willingness to share all the information has left many parts of not only our new build but many newbuilds across the country in a much better place.


Niamh is so thorough in her research I know she’ll have done a better job than I would ever have the time for.


The content is so interesting even for someone who is not planning on building a passive build but it gives lots to think about and definitely a page I direct people towards when they’re starting the building process. Niamh is always so helpful and informative about her paint colours and soft furnishings so it makes the whole page so relatable


I’m at the architect stage of planning and I find Niamh’s information so helpful, informative and inspiring. She has the wisdom of first hand experience in areas many don’t consider until it’s too late and she has an obvious flair for design and interiors. Love her page and visit it daily for tips and inspiration!

Lesley Rossiter

I have followed Niamh and Mark's journey on instagram for months. Even though I am not doing a passive build I still got so much tips from her page. Niamh was always very quick to respond to any questions and I found their page a wealth of knowledge.

Joy McKenna Johnston

I found Niamh very helpful and approachable when I first started my self build journey on instagram. She was one of the first to give me the time when I reached out for help and always responded to any questions I might have had


Niamh is so knowledgeable and helpful and willing to answer even the silliest of questions! Best of luck with it!

Labhaoise Ni Ici

They say

Really appreciated that you took the time to reply to my question and find your page refreshing.

Rose Murph

Passive Build, Niamh and Mark, was one of the first house accounts we followed on Instagram before we began our own self build journey. Their account is clear, concise, honest and for us it really helped us make crucial decisions, both in a structural and interior design stage! An extremely knowledgeable account, with two down to earth self builders who are selfless with their time and knowledge"


"Niamh is one of the most authentic people in the world of Instagram. Her page content is inspiring, unique and exciting....check out her moss art, it's simply stunning. She's so real and honest, it's refreshing. I really look forward to her posts and can't wait for the new business launch...

Orla Rogers