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Everything Kitchen Goals


In this 1 hour masterclass, Niamh talks through all the elements of kitchen planning and design. Niamh goes through the ABC’s of planning the main hub of the home. Niamh speaks about appliances, what to consider in the early planning days, costs, electrical layouts, island planning, larders and pantry areas, your kitchen style and managing functional zones to name a few.



In this hour there are lots of tips, considerations and many ideas to think about. Watch / listen to this masterclass before you start, watch it again mid design and if you want to run through it again in the end stages, you can do just that, once you checkout, this session is all yours, to view as much or as little as you wish. Never to be underestimated, the amount of decisions that are to be made in kitchen design. Save time and take notes from this hour.


For people starting out building / renovating / extending

The earlier in your build journey you can do this course, the better

Access the masterclass in your own time

You can go as fast / slow as you want as it’s a pre-recorded msterclass. There is a lot to take note of so have a pen and paper and a large cup of coffee.

Watch it with your partner, your mam or dad or during your lunch break.

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