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Dream Build Reality Masterclass


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  • For people starting out building / renovating / extending
  • Almost an hour and a half long pre-recorded Masterclass
  • The earlier in your build journey you can do this course, the better
  • Access the masterclass in your own time
  • You can go as fast / slow as you want as it’s a pre-recorded msterclass. There is a lot to take note of so have a pen and paper and a large cup of coffee.
  • Watch it with your partner, your mam or dad or during your lunch break.


In this Masterclass, dream home makers are taken through the House Goals 11 Main Areas of Development and Research in Design/Planning to consider in building their dream home. It is the simplest but will be your best step by step insight into the entire build process to get your dream build finish. In the hour House Goals will break down the big game changers in building, ensuring you’re prepared to build the home of your dreams. We will keep it simple and will break down the basics but also offer some mind blowing elements that can be easily incorporated into your home for maximum impact. This hour is the game changer in your home design. This will give you the mind-set to help you to get the maximum out of your trades and designers. At just €39, in this hour, you have already saved yourself thousands of euro and hundreds of hours’ research. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything that costs less that 39euro in a build, so do yourself and your build justice and sign up, but be prepared, you will need a strong cup of coffee and a notepad and pen, as you will be busy taking down lots of notes. These notes will guide you through the entire build process.

Who Benefits?

The earlier in your build journey you can do this course the better. So if you are planning a future build, this is the all-round support you need to design your dream home. If you’ve drawings, planning permission, foundations or blockwork started this is also suitable to make sure you get maximum impact from your build. If you’re renovating or extending, this would be a key investment into your future plans. If you’re project is near the end of its build journey this is not for you as it won’t have the same impact on your decisions. It will be a very exciting hour, and I can’t wait to bring you on a home making experience journey, in sharing these key preparation details with you.

Reviews (1)

1 review for Dream Build Reality Masterclass

  1. Edel Cronin (verified owner)

    I found this very helpful and very interesting, Niamh explained everything very well and clear and gave us alot to think about! Definitely worth having a listen to and it’s great to be able to go back and listen whenever you want if there is something you are unsure of

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